Dry Eyelids Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Dry Eyelids syndrome is one of the most common eye diseases. Dry eyelids cause by insufficient tears. Dry skin on eyelids causes by weather conditions or special skin care products that are being use.

Dry Eyelids
Tears are an important agent to protect your eyes. They not only wash away dust in the eyes, but also relief to the eyes, provide oxygen and nutrients to the cornea, prevent eyelid infection. Dry eyelids or dry eye syndrome is a medical condition that the patient is not adequately trained eye lubricant occurs. Usually the lubricant is in the form of tears and dry eye is caused by the body are insufficient oil in tears to the eyes and make them relaxed.

Dry Eyelids causes when the tears in her eyes that no moisture and lubrication that is protect to produce our eyes. If there is an imbalance in the tear system, people may experience dry eyelids. A person with dry eyelids may experience a feeling of sand in the eyes. The dry eyes cause can come from many aspects of the environment, aging, contact lenses and eye health problems. Even people who use drugs often develop dry eyelids. The medicines can cause dry eyelids are antihistamines, decongestants and oral contraceptives.
A common dry eyelids cause is aging. As we age, we produce fewer tears production. These tears evaporate faster. Women approaching menopause especially face dry eyelids due to the increase in hormones. Some of the most significant causes of dry eyelids include:
Age, as we get older the mechanism of the eyes become more worn and weaker. This is the same for tear production and is the major dry eyelids causes. Decreased tear production could be due to changes in hormonal secretion. Menopause is often a time when women may get dry eyelids.

Polluted, avoid the smoke.
Contact lenses, one of the most common occurrences of dry eyelids is in contact lens wearers. While not all of the people who use contact lenses suffer with having dried out eyes, it is liable to make you highly more prone to dry eyelids.
Chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogrens syndrome, thyroid eye and Parkinson diseases
Stressful working, severe dry eyelids problem is one of the most common difficulties faced by many people who work at the computer.

Dry Eyelids Symptoms include discomfort in the eyes, twitching or itching, redness, excessive tearing without relief and foreign object sensation in the eyes. In some of dry eyelids irritation situations, use anti-inflammatory agents to fight the disease. These serious symptoms can include scarring, infection of the cornea and the most serious cases, even permanent loss of vision. It is important that dry eyelids syndrome be treating because otherwise it can therefore have serious consequences.

Dry skin on eyelids can be uncomfortable. The skin around the eyes has very thin membranes, need to be careful what you put there to prevent irritation. The best thing to treat dry skin on eyelids is using an effective eye gel. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so you must use a completely natural gel eyes that penetrate the skin without irritation.
Before visiting your doctor, other solutions are possible: try to blink more often, try a humidifier to moisten the air, drink plenty of water and take vitamins. The use of eye drops is the first treatment that a person can try. It is not the solution, but to provide aid for dry eyelids. With artificial tears or eye drops usually help the condition and is a good interim solution for dry eyes.

There are treatments and guidelines, which help people to get relief from dry eye such as using watery treatments, artificial tears and other dry eyelids solutions. It is important to understand that proper eye care for this ailment is little different from other eye treatments many people may feel relief after using artificial tears on regular basis. Some of the treatments are watery and alleviate the symptoms temporary. Consistent eyes care is essential to get relief from dry eyelids.