How To Stop Eyelid Twitching

Eyelid Twitching or itchy eyelids are spasms involuntarily in either upper or lower eyelid twitch at one time or another. Twitching eyelid causes, treatments, cures and remedies is important to know. Simply put eye twitching is a blinking disorder.

Many people develop a temporary condition called blepharospasm or eyelid twitching. This is when the muscles begin to spasm of the eyelids and a wave of fast movements. A case of severe eyelid twitching is the worst. A person with eyelid twitching is liable to experience obstruction of vision, irritability and even a complete closure of the eye. The condition may last a few days to a week.

Eyelid twitching or itchy eyelids are simply a side effect of not getting enough sleep. Another common cause is stress and more anxiety will only make the twitches last longer. This eyelid twitching is usually not painful, but they can be very annoying.

There are many different eyelid twitch causes. If you should experience eyelid twitching should consult a doctor and have an eye exam to find out what twitching eyelid causes. There are many itchy eyelids or twitching eyelid causes including lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, screens computer or television, vitamin A deficiency, eyestrain, allergies, caffeine, compressed nerve, medication and neurological disorders.
Most of the time an eyelid twitching is not serious and should not be worried, but in some cases, it can actually be a sign of a more serious problem. Some itchy eyelids or eyelid twitching symptoms such as headache, twitching that makes the eyes close tightly, redness, itching, watering, dry eyelids, and feeling as sand is in the eyes.

There actually is a way to stop eyelid twitching or itchy eyelids. Taking multivitamins regularly, limiting caffeine and alcohol, and reduce stress, as much as possible will allow you to cure your eyelid twitching. Another treatment is to close your eyes and sit quietly and calmly.

If you have an eyelid twitching in both eyes and it has not gone, away after a few days, you must make an appointment with your doctor. To stop eyelid twitching, you must remove the causes of this annoying rippling muscle contraction. Eyelid twitching may be so severe that depends to blindness as the eyelids droop down and cover the eyes requiring much effort to lift out of the way. Eyelid twitching could require medical intervention such as drug therapy or eyelid surgery. The only way for making the problem stop is to understand the itchy eyelids or twitching eyelid causes.